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Terim 400L Free Standing Showcase Chiller, TERSC400W

Terim 400L Free Standing Showcase Chiller, TERSC400W

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Model:              TERSC400W
Category:          New Display Unit

Condition:         Excellent
Power Cable:     Yes
Box:                   Yes, Another Box
Dimensions:      197 X 60 X 57 Cm 
Returns:            10 days money back guarantee

The Terim TERSC400W is a free-standing showcase chiller produced by Terim, an Italian brand known for its home appliances. Here's some general information you might expect regarding the Terim TERSC400W showcase chiller:

  1. Capacity: The model name "TERSC400W" suggests that the chiller has a capacity of 400 liters. This indicates the storage space available for chilling and displaying items.

  2. Free-Standing Design: Being free-standing means that the showcase chiller can be placed independently in various locations, providing easy access to the items stored inside.

  3. Display Shelves: Showcase chillers usually come with adjustable display shelves. These shelves are designed to hold and display items like beverages, snacks, and more in an organized and attractive manner.

  4. Chiller Function: The chiller is designed to maintain a lower temperature than a regular refrigerator, making it suitable for storing items that need to be kept cool for display or commercial purposes.

  5. Temperature Controls: The chiller is likely equipped with adjustable temperature controls, allowing you to set and maintain the desired temperature inside the chiller for optimal item preservation.

  6. Interior Lighting: An interior light is often included in showcase chillers to illuminate the items stored inside. This enhances visibility and makes it easier to see and access the contents, especially in low-light conditions.

  7. Design and Finish: Terim appliances typically have a modern and functional design. The exterior finish is often chosen to be visually appealing and to complement various environments.

  8. Energy Efficiency: Showcase chillers may incorporate energy-efficient features to reduce power consumption while still effectively cooling the stored items.

  9. Cooling Technology: The chiller is likely equipped with advanced cooling technology to maintain a consistent and even temperature throughout the display area.

  10. Glass Door: Showcase chillers typically feature glass doors that allow users to see the contents without opening the door. This helps in maintaining the internal temperature and allows for easy viewing.

  11. Lockable Door: Some models may offer a lockable door feature. This can be beneficial for commercial settings where you want to restrict access to the items inside.

  12. Fan Cooling: Some showcase chillers use fan cooling systems to ensure even distribution of cool air throughout the chiller's interior.

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