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Super General

Super General 10.5KG Top Loading Washing Machine, SGW1120NS

Super General 10.5KG Top Loading Washing Machine, SGW1120NS

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Model:              SGW1120NS
Status:              New Display Unit

Condition:        Excellent
Power Cable:    Yes
Box:                  Yes, Another Box
Returns:            10 days money back guarantee

About Product:

A 10.5KG top-loading washing machine from Super General, like most washing machines, is designed for household laundry tasks. Here are some general features and functions you can expect from such a washing machine:

  1. Capacity: A 10.5KG washing machine typically has a large drum capacity, making it suitable for families with a significant amount of laundry to wash.

  2. Top Loading: Top-loading washing machines have the lid on the top, allowing you to load and unload laundry from the top of the machine. This design can be more convenient for some users.

  3. Washing Programs: These machines usually come with various wash cycles or programs, such as normal, delicate, heavy-duty, quick wash, and more. These programs cater to different types of fabrics and soil levels.

  4. Water Levels: You can typically adjust the water level based on the size of the load, which helps conserve water and energy when washing smaller loads.

  5. Agitator or Impeller: Some top-loading machines have an agitator or impeller in the center of the drum to help with the washing process.

  6. Spin Speed: The spin speed determines how fast the drum rotates during the spin cycle. Higher spin speeds can extract more water from clothes, reducing drying time.

  7. Digital Controls: Many modern top-loading washing machines feature digital controls, which make it easier to select the desired wash cycle and other settings.

  8. Energy Efficiency: Look for washing machines with good energy efficiency ratings to save on electricity and water bills.

  9. Safety Features: These machines often come with safety features like child locks and overload protection.

  10. Noise Level: Check the noise level of the washing machine, especially if it will be placed in a living area or near bedrooms.

  11. Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your washing machine running efficiently.

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