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Siemens 480L Free Standing Fridge Freezer, KG55NVL20M

Siemens 480L Free Standing Fridge Freezer, KG55NVL20M

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Model:              KG55NVL20M
Category:          New Display Unit

Condition:         Excellent
Power Cable:     Yes
Box:                   Yes, Another Box
Dimensions:       185 X 68 X 75 Cm

  1. Capacity: The KG55NVL20M has a total capacity of 480 liters, which is typically divided between the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

  2. Design: It is a free-standing fridge freezer, meaning it is not built into the kitchen cabinetry and can be placed anywhere with adequate ventilation.

  3. Storage Flexibility: Siemens refrigerators often come with adjustable shelves and door compartments, allowing you to customize the storage space to suit your needs.

  4. NoFrost Technology: The freezer is likely equipped with a NoFrost system, which prevents ice buildup and eliminates the need for manual defrosting.

  5. SuperFreezing: Siemens freezers often have a SuperFreezing function that rapidly lowers the freezer temperature to preserve the freshness of newly added items.

  6. SuperCooling: Similarly, the refrigerator may have a SuperCooling feature that cools newly stored items quickly to retain their freshness.

  7. Energy Efficiency: Siemens appliances are known for their energy-efficient designs, and the KG55NVL20M might have a high energy efficiency rating.

  8. MultiAirflow System: Siemens refrigerators often feature a MultiAirflow system to ensure even cooling throughout the fridge and freezer compartments.

  9. Temperature Controls: The refrigerator may have electronic temperature controls for precise adjustment of cooling settings.

  10. Door Alarms: Some models come with door alarms to alert you if the fridge or freezer door is left open, helping to save energy and prevent food spoilage.

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