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Samsung 365L Refrigerator, RB36T605CS9

Samsung 365L Refrigerator, RB36T605CS9

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Model:               RB36T605CS9
Status:               New Display Unit

Condition:         Good, Minor Scratches
Power Cable:     Yes
Box:                   Yes, Another Box
Dimensions:      193 X 59 X 67 Cm

Returns:            10 days money back guarantee

The Samsung RB36T605CS9 is a refrigerator model from Samsung's lineup. It is a 365-liter capacity refrigerator that falls under the category of bottom-freezer refrigerators. The specifications and features of this refrigerator can include:

  1. Capacity: As you mentioned, it has a total capacity of 365 liters, which includes both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

  2. Design: This refrigerator likely features a sleek and modern design, typical of Samsung appliances. It usually comes with a stainless steel finish that adds a premium look to your kitchen.

  3. Bottom-Freezer Design: The bottom-freezer design means that the refrigerator compartment is at the top while the freezer compartment is at the bottom. This configuration provides easier access to frequently used items in the refrigerator section.

  4. Twin Cooling Plus Technology: Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus technology is designed to maintain separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer compartments. This helps to keep the humidity levels and temperatures optimized for each section, which can extend the freshness of your food.

  5. Adjustable Shelving: The refrigerator is likely to feature adjustable shelves that allow you to customize the interior space according to your storage needs. This can be useful for accommodating larger items or adjusting the layout as needed.

  6. LED Lighting: LED lighting is commonly used in modern refrigerators. It provides bright and energy-efficient illumination throughout the interior, making it easier to see and access your food items.

  7. Digital Display and Controls: Many modern refrigerators come with a digital display and controls on the exterior. This allows you to adjust settings such as temperature, mode, and more without having to open the door.

  8. Door Bins and Drawers: The refrigerator's door typically contains bins and drawers for storing items like bottles, condiments, and small containers. Some models even have special compartments designed for specific items, like dairy products or eggs.

  9. Freezer Drawers: The freezer compartment likely features pull-out drawers for organizing frozen foods. This design makes it easier to access items at the back of the freezer without needing to dig through a large single compartment.

  10. Energy Efficiency: Samsung appliances often come with energy-efficient features to help reduce electricity consumption, which can be both environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

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