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Samsung 10KG Top Loading Digital Inverter Washing Machine, WA10T5260BY

Samsung 10KG Top Loading Digital Inverter Washing Machine, WA10T5260BY

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Model:             WA10T5260BY
Status:              Brand New, Open Box

Condition:        Flawless
Power Cable:    Yes
Box:                  Yes
Returns:            10 days money back guarantee

The Samsung WA10T5260BY is a top-loading washing machine with a capacity of 10 kilograms. It features a digital inverter motor, which is designed to provide efficient and quiet operation while consuming less energy compared to traditional washing machine motors. The digital inverter motor also has a longer lifespan.

Here are some key features of the Samsung WA10T5260BY washing machine:

  1. Top-loading design: This washing machine has a top-loading design, which means you can load and unload your laundry from the top of the machine.

  2. 10-kilogram capacity: The machine has a large capacity of 10 kilograms, making it suitable for handling larger loads of laundry.

  3. Digital Inverter Technology: The digital inverter motor in this washing machine adjusts its power according to the load size and the type of fabric being washed. This feature ensures efficient and effective cleaning while minimizing energy consumption and reducing noise levels.

  4. Diamond Drum: The washing machine is equipped with a Diamond Drum, which has a unique soft-curl design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges. This drum design helps protect your clothes from being damaged during the wash cycle.

  5. Eco Tub Clean: The machine has a self-cleaning feature called Eco Tub Clean, which helps keep the drum clean and hygienic. It also sends reminders for regular cleaning to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the washing machine.

  6. Quick Wash: The Quick Wash feature allows you to wash a small load of lightly soiled clothes quickly, saving you time and energy.

  7. Child Lock: The washing machine includes a child lock feature to prevent accidental changes to the settings or opening of the machine during operation.

  8. LED Display: The machine features an LED display that shows the current wash cycle, remaining time, and other relevant information.

  9. Multiple Wash Programs: The Samsung WA10T5260BY offers various wash programs and settings to cater to different fabric types and laundry needs. These programs may include options like Normal, Delicate, Heavy Duty, Quick Wash, and more.

It's important to note that while the above information is accurate as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there may have been updates or newer models released since then. Therefore, I recommend visiting the official Samsung website or contacting Samsung directly for the most up-to-date and detailed information about the specific model you mentioned.

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