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Nikai 60x60 Cm Gas Cooking Range, U6062FS

Nikai 60x60 Cm Gas Cooking Range, U6062FS

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Model:             U6062FS
Status:              Brand New, Open Box

Condition:        Flawless
Box:                  Yes
Returns:            10 Days Money Back Guarantee 

The Nikai U6062FS 60x60 Cm Gas Cooking Range is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, affordable cooking range. It features four gas burners, a gas oven, a Flame Failure Device (FFD) for safety, matt enamel pan supports, six knobs for control, a glass lid for the burners, a double glass oven door for proper insulation, an adjustable thermostat, an oven lamp, a turnspit for even cooking, one tray and grid for using in the oven, a grilling option, and a stainless steel top and inox grey body.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Nikai U6062FS 60x60 Cm Gas Cooking Range:

  • Four gas burners: The four gas burners provide ample heat for cooking a variety of dishes.
  • Gas oven: The gas oven is perfect for baking, roasting, and broiling.
  • Flame Failure Device (FFD): The FFD automatically shuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out, preventing gas leaks.
  • Matt enamel pan supports: The matt enamel pan supports provide a stable surface for your cookware.
  • Six knobs for control: The six knobs give you precise control over the heat of the burners and oven.
  • Glass lid for the burners: The glass lid protects the burners from spills and makes cleanup easy.
  • Double glass oven door: The double glass oven door helps to keep the heat in and the cool air out, resulting in more efficient cooking.
  • Adjustable thermostat: The adjustable thermostat allows you to set the oven temperature to the perfect level for your needs.
  • Oven lamp: The oven lamp makes it easy to see what's cooking inside the oven.
  • Turnspit: The turnspit ensures that your meat is cooked evenly on all sides.
  • One tray and grid for using in the oven: The tray and grid are perfect for baking and roasting.
  • Grilling option: The grilling option allows you to grill your favorite foods right in your oven.
  • Stainless steel top: The stainless steel top is durable and easy to clean.
  • Inox grey body: The inox grey body gives the cooking range a sleek and modern look.

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