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Kenwood 60X60 Built In Electric Double Oven, KBIDOX21

Kenwood 60X60 Built In Electric Double Oven, KBIDOX21

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Model:             KBIDOX21
Status:              New Display Unit

Condition:        Excellent
Box:                  Yes, Another Box
Returns:            10 Days Money Back Guarantee 

About This Product:

  1. Double Ovens: The Kenwood KBIDOX21 features two separate ovens stacked on top of each other. The upper oven is usually smaller and can be used for grilling or baking, while the lower oven is larger and more suitable for roasting and baking larger dishes.

  2. Electric Ovens: Both ovens are electric, which means they use electricity for heating. Electric ovens provide precise temperature control, making them suitable for various cooking tasks.

  3. Control Panel: The control panel typically includes knobs or buttons to adjust the heat settings and cooking modes for each oven. This allows you to set the temperature and cooking functions independently for the upper and lower ovens.

  4. Cooking Modes: Electric double ovens often offer a range of cooking modes, including conventional baking, fan-assisted cooking, grilling, and more. This versatility allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes.

  5. Timer: Many double ovens come with a built-in timer for each oven, helping you keep track of cooking times for different dishes.

  6. Capacity: The upper and lower ovens will have different capacities, measured in liters. The smaller upper oven is typically used for smaller dishes and grilling, while the lower oven is suitable for larger roasts and multiple trays of baked goods.

  7. Size: The "60X60" in the model name indicates the cooker's dimensions, with a width and depth of approximately 60 centimeters, providing ample cooking space.

  8. Safety Features: Electric ovens often include safety features like overheat protection and child locks for safe operation.

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