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Hisense 2.5 Ton Piston Air Conditioner, AS-30CT4FDKDA03

Hisense 2.5 Ton Piston Air Conditioner, AS-30CT4FDKDA03

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Model:              AS-30CT4FDKDA03
Category:          Brand New

Power Cable:     Yes
Remote:             Yes
Box:                   Yes
Returns:            10 days money back guarantee

The Hisense AS-30CT4FDKDA03 is a 2.5-ton piston air conditioner manufactured by Hisense, designed to provide efficient cooling for larger rooms or spaces. Here are some key features and specifications you might find in this model:

  1. Cooling Capacity: With a 2.5-ton capacity, this air conditioner is suitable for cooling larger areas effectively, making it ideal for spacious rooms, offices, or commercial spaces.

  2. Piston Technology: The piston compressor efficiently compresses the refrigerant gas, which is then circulated through the system to absorb heat from the indoor air, resulting in cool air being released into the room.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Hisense air conditioners typically incorporate energy-saving features to minimize electricity consumption while delivering powerful cooling performance, helping to reduce energy costs.

  4. Air Filtration: Many Hisense air conditioners are equipped with filters that remove dust, pollen, and other airborne particles, improving indoor air quality and creating a healthier environment for occupants.

  5. Quiet Operation: Hisense air conditioners are designed to operate quietly, reducing noise disturbances in your living or working space.

  6. Remote Control: The air conditioner usually comes with a remote control for convenient operation, allowing you to adjust settings such as temperature, fan speed, and mode from a distance.

  7. Timer Function: Some models feature a timer function, enabling you to schedule the operation of the air conditioner according to your preferences, helping to save energy and customize cooling schedules.

  8. Auto Restart: In the event of a power outage, the auto-restart function ensures that the air conditioner resumes operation with the previous settings once power is restored, providing convenience and peace of mind.

  9. Sleep Mode: This mode adjusts the temperature settings gradually during the night to create a comfortable sleeping environment while also conserving energy.

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