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Essentials 50X60 Electric Solid Plate Cooker, CFSEWH18

Essentials 50X60 Electric Solid Plate Cooker, CFSEWH18

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Model:             CFSEWH18
Category:          New Display Unit
Box:                  Yes, Another Box

Returns:            10 Days Money Back Guarantee 

About This Product:

  1. Solid Plate Electric Hobs: This cooker likely has solid plate electric hobs on the cooktop. These are coil-type heating elements sealed under a solid cast-iron plate. They are known for their durability and ease of cleaning.

  2. Oven: The cooker should come equipped with an electric oven for baking and roasting. The oven may have multiple cooking functions and adjustable temperature controls.

  3. Grill: Some electric cookers come with a built-in grill, which can be used for grilling or broiling food.

  4. Control Panel: Expect to find a control panel with knobs or buttons to adjust the heat settings for both the solid plate hobs and the oven.

  5. Timer: Many electric cookers have a built-in timer to help you keep track of cooking times.

  6. Capacity: The oven's capacity is typically measured in liters and can vary from model to model. It's essential to check the specific capacity of the CFSEWH18.

  7. Storage Drawer: Some electric cookers have a storage drawer at the bottom for pots, pans, or baking sheets.

  8. Size: The "50X60" in the model name might indicate the cooker's dimensions, with a width of 50-60 centimeters, which is a standard size for many kitchen spaces.

  9. Safety Features: Electric cookers often include safety features like overheat protection and a child lock to ensure safe operation.

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