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Beko 6KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine, WML 61436 NP

Beko 6KG Fully Automatic Washing Machine, WML 61436 NP

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Model:              WML 61436 NP
Category:          Brand New, Open Box

Power Cable:     Yes
Box:                   Yes
Returns:            10 days money back guarantee

The Beko WML 61436 NP is a fully automatic washing machine with a 6kg capacity. Here are some general features and specifications that you might find in this model:

  1. Capacity: 6 kilograms - This indicates the maximum weight of laundry that the machine can handle in a single wash cycle.

  2. Fully Automatic: This means that the machine can handle the entire washing process automatically, from filling water and detergent to washing, rinsing, and spinning.

  3. Energy Efficiency: Beko appliances often come with energy-efficient features to help reduce electricity consumption during operation.

  4. Programs and Settings: The machine likely offers various wash programs and settings to cater to different types of fabrics and laundry needs. These may include options for cotton, synthetic fabrics, delicate items, quick wash, and more.

  5. Spin Speed: The spin speed determines how fast the washing machine's drum rotates during the spin cycle. Higher spin speeds can help in drying clothes more efficiently.

  6. Digital Display: A digital display is typically present to provide information about the selected program, time remaining, and other relevant details.

  7. Delay Start: Some washing machines allow you to delay the start of the washing cycle, which can be convenient if you want the cycle to finish at a specific time.

  8. Child Lock: For safety reasons, many modern washing machines come with a child lock feature to prevent accidental changes to the settings.

  9. Water Efficiency: Beko appliances may also feature water-saving technologies to make the washing process more efficient.

  10. Noise Level: Washing machines often come with information on their noise levels during operation. Lower noise levels are generally more desirable.

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