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Beko 468L T Door Refrigerator, GNES1484ZIS

Beko 468L T Door Refrigerator, GNES1484ZIS

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Model:              GNES1484ZIS
Category:          Brand New, Open Box

Condition:         Flawless
Power Cable:     Yes
Box:                   Yes
Returns:            10 days money back guarantee

The Beko GNES1484ZIS is a T-Door refrigerator with a total capacity of 468 liters. Beko is known for producing a variety of home appliances, including refrigerators, with a focus on functionality and design. Here are some common features and specifications you might find in the Beko GNES1484ZIS refrigerator:

  1. Capacity: As mentioned, this refrigerator has a total capacity of 468 liters, which is typically divided between the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

  2. T-Door Design: The T-Door design typically refers to the French door style, where the refrigerator has two side-by-side doors for the fresh food compartment (fridge) and a bottom drawer-style freezer compartment. This design allows for easy access to both compartments.

  3. Refrigerator Compartment: The upper section of the refrigerator features the fresh food compartment. It usually includes adjustable shelves, drawers, and door bins for storing a variety of food items. French door refrigerators often have spacious and well-organized interiors.

  4. Freezer Compartment: The bottom drawer-style freezer compartment provides ample storage for frozen food items. It may include shelves, bins, and an ice maker (if equipped).

  5. Energy Efficiency: Beko appliances typically come with energy-efficient features to reduce power consumption. Look for an energy rating label to gauge its efficiency.

  6. Temperature Control: You can typically adjust the temperature settings for both the fridge and freezer compartments to suit your specific needs.

  7. Frost-Free: Many modern refrigerators, including this one, are frost-free, which means they prevent ice buildup, reducing the need for manual defrosting.

  8. Interior Lighting: Interior LED lighting is commonly found in modern refrigerators, providing better visibility inside the fridge.

  9. Door Storage: The refrigerator doors usually have shelves for storing bottles, condiments, and small items.

  10. Crisper Drawers: Crisper drawers with humidity control are often included to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

  11. External Display and Controls: Some models may feature an external display panel for temperature control and settings adjustment.

  12. Water and Ice Dispenser: Depending on the specific model, it may come equipped with a water and ice dispenser on the exterior of the refrigerator.

  13. Dimensions: Make sure to check the dimensions, including width, height, and depth, to ensure it fits in your kitchen space.

  14. Color and Finish: Refrigerators are available in various colors and finishes to match your kitchen decor.

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