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2 in 1 Walking Pad Desk Treadmill, C1

2 in 1 Walking Pad Desk Treadmill, C1

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Model:              C1
Status:               Brand New, Open Box

Condition:         Flawless
Power Cable:     Yes
Box:                   Yes
Returns:            10 days money back guarantee

The 2-in-1 Walking Pad Desk Treadmill C1 is a type of exercise equipment that combines a treadmill with a desk. This allows you to work or study while walking, promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Here are some key features and details about the C1 Walking Pad Desk Treadmill:

  1. Compact Design: The C1 is designed to be space-saving and easy to integrate into your workspace. It typically has a slim and foldable design, making it suitable for home offices or smaller work areas.

  2. Walking Surface: The treadmill portion of the C1 typically features a relatively narrow and elongated walking surface compared to traditional treadmills. This is designed for walking rather than running.

  3. Speed Control: You can adjust the walking speed to your preference. Most models offer a range of speeds, allowing you to choose a comfortable pace for working or studying.

  4. Desk Attachment: The C1 typically comes with a desk attachment that can hold your laptop, books, or other work-related items. This attachment is often adjustable in height and angle to accommodate different users and preferences.

  5. Safety Features: Many models include safety features such as an emergency stop button or automatic shutoff in case of any issues during your workout.

  6. Console and Display: Some models have a console or display screen that provides information about your workout, such as distance walked, time, and calories burned.

  7. Bluetooth Connectivity: Some models may have Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync your workout data with a smartphone app for tracking your progress.

  8. Noise Level: The C1 is generally designed to operate quietly, which is important when using it in an office or home environment.

  9. Weight Capacity: Different models may have varying weight capacity limits, so it's essential to check the specifications to ensure it meets your needs.

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